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Blythe Bound Smack Down (Impros)
Event: Yearly gathering of west coast watercraft riders and friends, sponsored by Impros just for fun.
Photographer: Mark Clemons (me).
Location:Twin Palms Resort. Colorado River, Blythe California
2010 Colorado River
2012 Colorado River
2013 Colorado River

BP Racing (Baja Promotions)
Event: Various Events around the southwest and Baja Mexico.
Photographer: Ronnie Peralta, and Mark Clemons (me).
Location: Different locations.
Colorado River
Havasu BP races
Lake Cahuilla, Indio California
Lake Isabella, Kern California
SanFelipe Mexico
1997/1998 Ensenada Mexico
1999 Ensenada Mexico
2000 Long Beach to Catalina
2002 Lake Perris 300mile Race

Drag Boat and Pin to Pin Racing(IHBA, ADBA, APBA, LOBDR, etc)
2004 Laughlin River Days
2005 Long Beach, Pin-Pin
2006 Long Beach, Pin-Pin
2007 Thunderboat Pin-Pin
2009 IHBA World Finals
2011 LOBDR World Finals and videos
2012 APBA Spring Nationals
2012 May APBA Drag Races
2012 LOBDRWorld Finals

Closed Course Racing. (IJSBA, APBA)
Event: Yearly gathering of the best closed course racers in the world for championship status.
Photographer: Mark Clemons (me).
Location: Lake Havasu City, AZ.
2002 Oceanside Surf Races
2004 World Finals
2005 World Finals
2005 WF Long Course
2006 World Finals
2007 World Finals
2008 World Finals
2009 World Finals
2010 World Finals
2011 World Finals
2012 World Finals
2013 World Finals
2014 World Finals
2105 World Finals

Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile endurance race. (IJSBA, APBA)
2005 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2006 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2007 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2008 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2009 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2010 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2011 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2012 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.
2014 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race.

Mudbug (PWC Performance)

2007 Morgan City LA
2009 Morgan City LA

Jeep, Shooting, Camping, and other offroad pics
Glamis Sand Dunes
2004 Octave Jeep ride
2005 January Flagstaff offroad.
2005 January Crown King Ride
2005 Florence Junction offroad.
2005 Sunflower Mercury Mill Ride
2005 Sedona Jeep Ride
2006 March Snow in Phoenix
2007 Mogollon Camping
2007 Sedona Jeep Trip
2007 Sugarloaf Mountain Target Practice
2008 August Mogollon Camping
2008 September Mogollon Camping
2008 AZ driveabout trip
2009 Mogollon Camping
2010 July Mogollon Camping
2012 Sugarloaf Mountain Skeet
2013 Mogollon Camping

Local Motorcycle and Jetski Rides
Apache Lake Camping trip
Canyon Lake Rides
Saguaro Lake Rides
Lake Pleasant Pics
Havasu Lake Pics
2001 Northern Arizona Bike Ride
2003 Jerome FZ1OA Ride
2003 Canyon Lake FZ1OA Ride
2004 December FZ1OA ride
2005 February Gnarly Verde River Ride
2005 July Mission Bay close course practice
2005 September Roosevelt Lake Ride
2005 December Saguaro Lake Ride
2006 January Mission Bay Ride
2006 March Saguaro Lake Ride
2006 April Senator Wash Ride
2006 May Senator Wash Ride
2006 June Canyon Lake Ride
2006 September Canyon Lake Ride
2006 September Florida Ride
2006 November Senator Wash
2006 November Saguaro Lake Ride
2007 January Saguaro Lake Ride
2007 May Canyon Lake Ride
2007 August Saguaro Ranch and Lake
2007 December Saguaro Lake Ride
2008 January Senator Wash Lake Ride
2008 March Senator Wash Lake Ride
2008 April Canyon Lake Ride
2009 December Saguaro Lake Ride
2010 July 4th Lake Mitry Camping
2010 July Canyon Lake Ride
2010 November Senator Lake Ride
2011 April Black Meadow Ride

West Coast Porting Annual Ride (PWC EXTREME)
2008 Lake Lahontan
2011 Lake Lahontan
2012 Lake Lahontan
2013 Lake Lahontan
2014 Topaz Lake, Twin Lakes
2015 Topaz Lake, Reno, Twin Lakes

Wedding Pics

Vacation Pics
Northwestern coastal USA
Point Loma, CA