Madhouse Endurance Racing
1998 Ensenada Baja Mexico

THE YELLOW TAIL BOUNTY-the days "bounty" of yellow tail tuna.
The great fishermen!-Hey look, Marks awake!
Bucamier goin' VERTICAL-Terry Buckmeier's unreeeeal air.
Clay Cullen is rocketman!-Clay Cullen puttin the scare into some seagulls.
-Hey Regis, that fish is bigger than You!
1997 Ensenada-is it over yet, is it over yet, is it ov....
-Flyin Bryan
Air Mail....LaBufadora-Excuse Me, While I kiss the sky.
Do NOT spill the gas! Red is watching.-All time snappy dresser.
-Cheryl, take your helmut off!
.-Okay, flip a coin...who goes first.
-is it over yet, is it over yet, is it over yet...
-I didn't throw no mud at you, really, it wasn't me. Bryan did it.
-Come on dad, your makin this look like work.
- THIS is the way to fish!
-Bryan's impression of a fisherman!

Back into the Mud!