Madhouse Endurance Racing
Lake Isabella, Kernville CA


Gran Prix #2
Drive Time: 8 hours
Race Site: Auxiliary Dam
Racers: 20.
Conditions: Soupy, windy, nasty, rough.
OA Winner: Mike Fullmer GP12R

-RPM Racing. Pro Open.  -RPM Racing. Expert Open.
-RPM Racing. Pro, Open. -Tracy Milan, Pro Open.

-Louie Norton, Super Senior. -Lobo Racing, David Wolf, and Mark Dobson, Pro Open.

-The pits.  -Mark Clemons, Veteran, and Tracy Fowler, Amateur Bone Stock.

-The tow rig.

  -Crappy weather pics.

1999 Gran Prix #1
-A view of the pits.-The very shallow pits, in 1999.-Base Camp on the hill in 1999 with the big bad Kawi.
-Ready to race.-The little truck that could..-Cheryl Gerard.

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