Madhouse Endurance Racing
Lake Saguaro, Salt River Canyon AZ


-The old and the new.
-trolling for racers.

-lake day is happy day.

-the hills of Saguaro.

-Saguaro from the road.

-4 peaks March 98, as seen from Saguaro.

-Where is my BEER?

-I can drive it.

-hey, look at the new toy!

-it's safer in the water.

...I'm not cold. Really.

...Wanna buy a used car? did WHAT?

-I'm gonna shove that camera up your...

...I stole Sopers Hat!

-a threesome.

-no autographs, please.

-and the match goes where?

-I will kill you now.

-Uhhh, they are ready to race now.

-this is the tale of our castaways.

-I'm melting.


-the only shade for hours.

-the toys.

-I'm choking.

-Wanna go, wanna go, lets go, whats takin ya so long, huuury up.

-Kettler, get off my ski!

-Soper, you wierdo!

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