Madhouse Endurance Racing
1999 Ensenada Baja Mexico


-Eye meets handlebar, handlebar wins...
-Bryan and his new "trophy".
-The fishing crew.
-Jason's Heel click.
-Testing, 1-2-3...
-Bryan in the surf.
-nice vertical.
-air again.
-more air!
-twisted up.
-Jason launching over the Only wave at Todos Santos.
-Sunset over Todas Santos
-Sunset from the resort at the beach.
-GP race, Bryan in foreground, Mark in background.
-GP race, Bryan on his way to Victory.
-GP race, Mark on his way to a Tecate.
-One of the rigs that got us there.
-Bryan picking up his 1st Place Open Novice Award
-Jason, giving the Beach Patrol something to do.
-Janet, and Jererd at the beach
-Rob and Jeff, the pro kite team in action!
-Porter checking out the beach action!
-Bryan workin' on the PGA swing.
-Can I please fly a kite too?
-Bryant and Judy unpacking into the casita.
-Jessica at LaBufadora.
-Bryan and Porter waiting on the big waves at Todas.
-Monkey Boy in action (with support crew of mom and brother).
Back into the Mud!