2000 Yamaha GPR

If you have interest in sponsoring this project, with either parts or discounts, please email me at hydrotoys@yahoo.com

Stock GP1200r: 63-65mph. Good turning, bad holeshot, porpoises badly, great ergonomics for tall riders, two stroke.
Stock RXP: 67-69mph. Unpredictable turning, great holeshot, un-natural hook in rough water, fair ergonomics, four stroke.
Vigilante Goals: 75mph, great holeshot, great turning, no porpoising, great ergos for tall riders, and of course, four stroke.

Base Craft
Donor Craft
Hull, Steering,Pump, Prop, Intake, Rideplate, Grate/shoe
Engine, Fuel, Spark, Electronics, Exhaust, Carbs
Cost, and Sponsors
Modification List
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