2000 Yamaha GPR

If you have interest in sponsoring this project, with either parts or discounts, please email me at hydrotoys@yahoo.com

-02 Driveshaft length.
-Special made intermeddiate shaft.
-Pump TBD
-Prop TBD

-Stock Trim tabs spaced down 4mm rear, 3mm front
-R&D GP800r or GP1200r grate.
-Riva Sponsons with Carbon Fiber Blades. or stock sponsons.
-R&D auto drop nozzle.
-Jet Trim Flame style splash deflector.
-R/D "Pistonwash" rideplate, or stock rideplate

Top Deck:
-Hydroturf pads.
-Hydroturf side lifter wedges with Hydrotoys cover.
-Jettrim cover.
-31" bars
-ODI grips.
-Stock throttle.
-UMI rxp switch housing.
-UMI steering
-Bilge switch.
-Exotic Signs Registration numbers and graphics.

-Tourtech mount system.
-Garmin 3 gps.
-Rule 500gph bilge system.
-Engine Temp gauge.
-Dynatune Boost gauge.
-Open Loop temp and pressure gauge temp mounted..

RXP Electronics Mounting and Routing:
-RXP gauges grafted into GPR dash.
-Placement of Battery in gpr battery tray or in bottom of hull..
-Placement of Electronics Boxes fore of front storage box.
-Rectifier placement for cooling on port 4" intakes.

Driveshaft adaption:
-Engine placement dependant.
-Intermediate shaft modification allowing stock GPR driveline to mate with engine.
-Coupler housing mounted on aluminum bracket, mounted to intake grate.

Rotax Engine mount:
-Weigh Engine is 230 lbs.
-Placement in hull will line with rear of GPR engine.
-Intake plumbing with consideration for external intercooler.
-Exhaust plumbing and waterbox fitment near stock.
-Fuel plumbing is stock RXP with vents to mimic rxp..
-Air supply using 3" Riva air intake.

Gas Tank adaption:
-RXP 15.9 gallon fuel tank filler hose modified to fit gpr.

-Heat Exchanger Design, build,  and placement. (rideplate replacement)
-Future plans will replace heat exchanger with open loop.
-Open Loop supply and filtering. (intercooler, pipe)
-Temp and Pressure gauges will be temporary mounted.

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