2000 Yamaha GPR

If you have interest in sponsoring this project, with either parts or discounts, please email me at hydrotoys@yahoo.com

Owner and Idea-Guy: Hydrotoys, Mark C.
Chief Advisor and Top Dog Mechanic: George O.
Machinist: Ted T., and Phil S.
Reference Crew: The Hidden Hydrotoys Forum crew.

GPR base craft: $750
RXP donor craft: $6300

-Internal paint.
-External paint.
-Battery. $130.00 Genesis 12V 26AH sealed battery from www.batteriesaz.com

-Jet Trim Flame style splash deflector. $40 from Parker Yamaha
-R&D auto drop nozzle. Used from PhillipGPR.
-Mechanical Trim Tabs and rideplate. Used from Phillip GPR.
-R&D GP800r or 1200r grate. $120
-14 Vien skat pump or 2005 gpr pump. $1000
-Solas Dynafly 14/20 prop. Green Hulk
-2" extended pump. Yamaha $250
-Hydroturf pads. Green Hulk
-Hydroturf side lifter wedges with Hydrotoys cover. Hydroturf
-Hydroturf seat cover. Hydroturf
-gp13r seat. E-bay. $100
-31" Renthal bars. $50 Champion Honda.
-ODI grips. $20 Local Bicycle Shop.
-Tourtech 250mm short crossbar. $29 www.cycoactive.com
-Tourtech G3 mount. $95 www.cycoactive.com
-Garmin 3 gps. $200 ebay
-12V Hardwire Kit. $30 www.cycoactive.com
-500gph bilge system.$30 boats.net
-Engine Temp gauge.
-Boost gauge. $175 dynotune.
-Intermediate shaft modification.
-Intake plumbing with consideration for external intercooler.
-Exhaust plumbing and waterbox. Rotax Racing thru hull exhaust from Green Hulk
-Air supply plumbing, air filter, water sock.
-Heat Exchanger Design, build,  and placement. $500
-Open Loop supply.
-Filler mod.
-Front Mount from Rotax Racing.Green Hulk
-Front mount system mock up. $30
-Rear System mock up. $50
-Alignment Shaft. $100
-Hull Liner cut and repair. $50.

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