This page is dedicated to all those crazy folks
who take their watercraft to the next level


AbbottThe Bling Master!!! Depth Finder. One Way valve. Trim with aftermarket grips. Rideplate fix, and more!!
BeerDart EXE program for building and using a pop-off gauge tester.
Bluewater GPR Single Pipe EGT install.
BullRaider Yamaha Raider 1100
Bronco 2000 race GPR
ChrisSome burned GPR piston pics.
CoopGPR pics and a little hospital time.
CrazyAGPR info.
Crusty Good example of some pistonwash GPR hull trueing
DuckManGPR Tunnel reinforcement and internal duckbills
Ernesto Beautiful GPR race boat pics
Fernando Assorted GPR ideas and procedures
Glen Very nice race skis, that were stolen and never recovered.
GP1200R-acer GPR pics, including Rius heads, 14vein pump, hull
Green Hulk GP1500RXP. Jerry takes the GPRXP platform to the next level with a EMS powered rotax system.
Insandiego Joe GPR, RAPTOR, XL, and some STXR pics
JWilson MRD instructions
Mario Bullet kit and his beautiful Red GPR
MarkC Assorted GPR ideas and pictures, endurance related
O-Side Bill  Bill takes a near stock 02 GPR and builds it up to his liking. Nice SUV too.
PistonWash GPR and GP pics with many mods
QuickMick Beautiful Race GPR, homemade battery tray
Ray Some RXP stuff, and some Raptor pics
SandMan Homemade rideplate inserts for GPR.
SeaWeed FX-140 Stereo Setup
See-Ya! R&D "B-plate" setup, and other assorted GPR pics
SteveGold Race-Prepping a GPR
Spud Jet Works Mod on a GP
SuckMyWakeSome burnt up GPR pistons
Woody Sheep. Lots and lots of sheep