Wyn's 1984 Yamaha RZV 500 R

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This is the Japanese domestic market RZV 500R with an aluminum frame, not the Canadian RZ 500 or the European RD 500, both which have steel frames.  This was the first aluminum framed bike that Yamaha mass produced..

    295 pounds dry
    100 HP
    Carbon fiber rear set brackets, billet shifter & foot  pegs, carbon fiber brake pedal by owner
    Carbon fiber dash by owner
    All miscellaneous brackets re-fabricated in carbon  fiber by owner
    Frame modified to have removeable tail section,  braced in steering head and rear motor mount area
    "Delta Box" frame mod by owner and Steve  Cisewski, paint by owner
    Avocet 45 bicycle speedometer
    All fasteners Yoyodyne Titanium, AFS or  Pogipolini Aluminum
    Titanium kickstand by Morgan Racing 

    500cc, V-4, 2-stroke
    Titanium carb clamp bolts by owner
    Mufflers by owner, billet aluminum end caps
    Billet pipe flanges by owner
    Billet lower reed cage block by owner
    Upper pipes -Custom made by Harry Barlow
    Lower pipes - Custom made by Brian Turfrey
    Mikuni 28mm flatslide carbs
    Cylinders ported, heads cut & re-chamfered, reed  cages modified & stuffed, ignition advanced and  jetting by BJ MacDonald
    RZ 350 reed cages fitted by Kevin Cameron
    TDR reeds 

Front End:
    96 GSXR 750 Forks
    Triple Clamps - billet aluminum by owner
    Wheel spacers and bushings by owner
    Billet front brake and clutch levers by owner
    Stainless steel brake lines by owner
    Steering stem - Titanium by Morgan Racing
    Coatings by Erik Madsen at Madsen Engineering
    96 GSXR 750 6 piston brake calipers
    Marchesini 3.5 x 17 wheel, PFM brake rotors  (320mm) and titanium  axle by Yoyodyne Titanium
    92 TZR 250 throttle & switches

Rear End:
    94 GSXR 750 swingarm
    Swingarm heavily modified by owner and Steve  Cisewski
    Brake hanger/stay arm-billet aluminum by owner
    Stainless steel brake line by owner
    Wheel and swingarm spacers by owner
    Marchesini 6 x 17 wheel, Vortech sprocket, EK  520RXO chain
    Yoyodyne Titanium rotor (190mm),  axle and pivot  bolt
    Brake caliper
    Ohlins Shock 

    91 Yamaha YZR 500
    Aluminum upper fairing bracket by owner and Steve  Cisewski
    Carbon fiber body work and gas tank w/integral oil tank by Dave Earhart
    Dzus type fasteners
    stainless by Skybolt
    Paint by Kevin Chamberlain
    Lockhart carbon fiber mirrors

Special thanks:
    To the RZ/RD 500 Owners Group.
    Also Mike Cichetti, Steve Cisewski, BJ MacDonald at MacDonald Performance, Will Morgan at Morgan Racing, Lee Mullin at Lee Metal Products,  Fred Renz at Yoyodyne Titanium, Paul Yokum and all the guys at Honda Shop Nakahodo, Okinawa, Japan. 
    Without these folks help and advice, this project wouldn't have happened.